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    A new accommodation booking platform for people who give a s**t about other people and the planet.

    In the coming months, founder of the hugely successful Hosting With Heart podcast and accommodation directory Jen Clark will be raising funds via the Birchal platform to build an exciting new ethical accommodation booking marketplace, Heartful.

    Equity crowdfunding is a relatively new phenomenon in Australia. In simple terms, it is the process of raising capital for a new or existing business by enabling members of the general public to invest in that business in exchange for a certain percentage of equity.

    This means that Heartful will be a platform for ethically-minded hosts that is also in part owned by hosts – people who truly get the need for meaningful change in this sector.

    Heartful’s unique selling point is simple; it will feature a diverse range of short-term accommodation managed by people who are steadfastly committed to inclusion, community-building, sustainability and accessibility.

    Listing on the site will require meeting a baseline set of criteria and agreeing to a code of ethics. Unlike Hosting with Heart’s subscription based model, Heartful will be commission-based, with a low 4% plus GST commission charged on each booking made through the site.

    This model will allow Heartful to scale, driving more bookings to the growing community of ethically minded hosts, while keeping costs low compared to other booking platforms.

    In line with its mission to make hosting more responsible, Heartful will donate 1% of all revenue to social and community housing initiatives and will engage in other educational and philanthropic activities over time.

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    For any questions you may have – which are warmly welcomed – please email Jen Clark directly anytime.

    Always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document before investing.